HB [Series 2] September 1968 - October 1969 ...

Introduced as the '1969 Torana', the HB Series 2 was actually released in September 1968 and was a minor upgrade of the first HB.  Even though it appeared almost identical, the new version featured plenty of new componentry as well as an increase in local content.  The four-door S and SL sedans were new additions to the range and the Brabham became a separate, two-door-only model (option No XS5).  The four-door body was an entirely Australian development and exhibited an increase in overall body strength.

Exterior changes were limited to badgework, some relocated and some new.  A coachline pinstripe was used on the SL model and only one number-plate light was fitted to the rear bumper (previously there were two).  Interior changes were more obvious, with the introduction of a collapsible steering column and steering wheel (similar to that of the HK) and new round, recessed instruments.

Basic trim was Sadlon vinyl while Griffin grain was used on S and Brabham models. Wyvern grain was exclusive to the SL, with Castillon-weave nylon fabric as an option.

The major safety upgrade was the use of dual circuit braking.  The Brabham model for the Series 2 was revised with a stripe across the nose along the sill as well as blacked-out window frames and tail-light panel.  Comprehensive instrumentation including a tachometer as well as oil pressure, fuel, water temperature and amp gauges completed the package.


  • Windscreen wipers are now two-speed.
  • All models now had 12X4-inch road wheels.
  • Brabham instruments optional on S and SL. (Very rare).


  • As for Torana HB Series 1.


  • As for Torana HB Series 1.


  • As for Torana HB Series 1.


  • As for Torana HB Series 1.


  • HB 82211 - Torana two-door.
  • HB 82411 - Torana S two-door.
  • HB 82411 - (opt. XS5) Brabham Torana.
  • HB 82469 - Torana S four-door.
  • HB 82611 - Torana SL two-door.
  • HB 82669 - Torana SL four-door.


  • First released, May 1967.
  • Brabham, October 1967.Series 70, March 1968.


  • Torana S, $1,890.00.
  • Torana SL, $2,025.00.


  • 16,318.