Christmas Function, 09 December 2017 ....

Well, it's that time of year again and the NSW Torana Club Christmas function was very well attended.

The committee members were in early to set-up a display of the lucky door prizes which they, and Mark Hennessy, had donated. Special Christmas gifts for the children were provided by Rose, our secretary.

The weather was kind to us with a very pleasant mid-20s which is great as the Winston is not fully air-conditioned in our designated area.

With the bar tab set-up, members started to arrive and problems with Toranas, and the rest of the world, were comprehensively discussed. Food at the Winston, whilst ramped-up in price from last year, was excellent as always.

Members who had passed their probation were handed their membership certificates.

Following lunch the lucky door prize tickets for the great array of goodies were drawn and nobody went away empty handed.

Short and sweet speeches were made and Bob thanked all in attendance both for the day and in particular for attending the runs during the year which form the essence of the Club's being.

In attendance:-

Steve and Annie, Rob and Leanne, John and Val, Mark and Heather with Jack and Rhea, Mike and Gab, Phil, Ron and Robin, new member Tony, Pete and Angie, Rod and Brooke with Ruby and Daisy, new member Peter, Mike V, Julie and Mark, Rob and Sharon, Rose and Harold and Bob.

Apologies:- Lance, Stuart and Gary, Greg and Lexa.

Bob. Run Coordinator.

Run Photos