Berrima, 12 November 2017 ....

Ready to make the best of a beautiful (nearly) summer's day, the group, comprising of Ron and Robin, Jim and Jeremy, Gary and Kerry, Steve and Annie, Peter and Bob met up at Leo's Diner and on schedule, headed towards Berrima.

Berrima is a historic village in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, in Wingecarribee Shire. The village, once a major town, is located on the Old Hume Highway and still has the old jail next door to our eatery for the day. Signs implored us not to communicate with the inmates.

Berrima has become one of our favourite destinations for a run because of it's lovely village atmosphere and the hearty food at the Surveyor General Hotel. Good discrete Torrie parking too!

On the way to Berrima, we picked up some 'road kill' around Pheasant's Nest in the form of Rob, accompanied by Shazza and Dean and at the hotel we found Mike and Gabby there, soon to be joined by Rose and Harold and later by Stuart and Angela.

The local trash and treasure shops attracted some attention from our members in need of retail therapy and at 1200 hrs sharp, we headed for a nosebag.

The food at the Surveyor General Hotel was again excellent and we appreciate that consistency along with the prompt service.

After lunch , the worlds problems were put to rest in the carpark, vehicles customarily inspected and discussed with a lot of tut-tutting about a certain Ford in the group which was given absolution by way of a NSW Torana Club sticker being affixed to it's rear window.

Ergo sayings like:- Fast Only Rolling Downhill, First On Rust and Deterioration, Found On Redneck's Driveway were dismissed as racist, homophobic and xenophobic.

Banter done with, the group left with a full tank and smiles aplenty. A top run on a great day.


Tony, Grace and Lance.


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