Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk, 29 October 2017 ....

The group met-up at Leo's Diner, and by departure time, there was a good roll-up. Present also was new member, Tony, and his partner, Grace. At the start, there was a little hiccup as Steve and Annie decided to remain behind to pick-up any late arrivals. So, it was out onto the freeway where we cruised south to the Mittagong exit and then made our way through the back of Mittagong and onto Bowral.

All was going well until about five kilometres before our turnoff when Tony's car stopped. We all pulled over to render assistance, but try as we could, the Torrie would not start. I made the decision that the rest of the group should continue on while I remained with Tony and Grace until the NRMA arrived. Unfortunately, it turned-out to be along wait as it took two hours; 10:30am to 12:30pm. On arrival, the NRMA service technician assessed the situation and advised that the vehicle would need to be towed. At this point, there was not much I could do to assist Tony further, so I continued on to the lunch venue to rejoin the remainder of the group.

By the time I arrived, the lunch orders were well on the way. The service was excellent and it wasn't long before everyone was eating their meals. Joining us for lunch, also, was prospective new club member, Tony Stuart and his family.

We were advised that Tony's car was eventually picked-up at about 2:30pm, which would have made it a long day for him and Grace. I don't think Tony will ever forget his first run with the Club. And just when we thought the day's drama was over, Steve received a call from Mark stating that the GTR had run out of fuel.

On closing, I would like to say what a truly eventful and exciting day we had on the Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk run. Many thanks to those who attended and made the day the success that it was.

Attendees: Gary and Kerrie, Steve and Annie, Mark, Heather, Ria and Jack, Pete and Angie, Tony and Grace, Rob, Sharon and Dean, Mike and Gabby, Rose and Harold and Bob.

Apologies: Lance, Ron, Robin, Rob and Leanne.


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