Lithgow, 27 April, 2008 ....

Yet again the NSW TORANA CLUB had asked for a sunny day for it’s run to Lithgow from McGrath’s Hill McDonald’s and received just that. The day started with a quick committee meeting before the rest of the Toranas arrived, a little after 9.00am. Following a quick snack by members a brief run-through of the day was held.

The group headed out of the car-park along Groves Ave onto the Hawkesbury Valley Way then Bell’s Line of Road to a sunny Lithgow ( this was a pleasant surprise to many of the group) as previously mentioned the day was perfect day for the Toranas to be out and about.

On arrival to the Club Lithgow car-park the cars had the compulsory snap’s taken, and being joined by the late Leanne & Kim Farnsworth , before, the local cars turned up (Mountain Cruisers) with their assorted cars , a rare 67 L/H Mustang, XA coupe, a couple of Holden utes and a Mitsubishi FTO.

Lunch was held in the dining room of the Club with both the Chinese and Australian meals going down quite readily, while stand-in photographer Mr. Holland was happily catching any indiscretions on film (beware these may come back to haunt some people at a later date). Unfortunately it was decided to abandon the visit to the Small Arms Museum as the sunny weather disappeared and the rain clouds formed, a hasty retreat to McGrath's Hill began back through the Bell’s Line of Road.

Hopefully a good day was enjoyed by those attending:

  • Bob Byrnes.
  • Andrew Squires (and V. Suess and A. Proctor).
  • Scott and Leanne Davidson.
  • Rob, Leanne, Natasha and Kim Farnsworth.
  • Mike Holland.
  • Mick, Lisa and Cody Aldridge.
  • Les Wilson.


  • Greg and Lexa Hawkins (something about visitors at home!).
  • James Davidson and Natalie.

Run pics can be viewed by clicking HERE.